Motivation to serve the Hospitality industry has started in 1942 and has been consistent ever since.

OUR vision is to deliver expertise in all aspects of Food Service & Laundry equipment using our suppliers' extensive knowledge and experience to guide our clients through every step.

Our Vision includes increasing our reach in food service
operations within the following areas:

Airports - Hotels - Hospitals - Cinema Concessions - Restaurants
Supermarkets -  Cafeterias - Cold Rooms Facilities,
Food Production Facilities such as Bread, Potato,
Vegetable and more.

Doing Things Differently

Competition is Increasing, Manufacturers are also growing and if not splitting apart
then buying each other out. Saving on any operation and cutting costs is seeming
to be more and more the way to increase profit margins as a contractor,
sub-contractor, operator, supplier and all those being effected in the manufacturing
trade. We believe in providing more value then what our prospective clients
have initially purchased for.

Transparency in Work Ethics

Together we can create miracles or we can fall into any and all sorts
of problems but we only need to do one thing - trust eachother.
Placing trust in our suppliers and even our clients is the work program
that we follow.